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Jungle Resorts Dandeli

Bison River Resort Dandeli

Planning a trip during vacations is something a brilliant idea. This gives you a way so that you can enjoy your life with others. There are certain holidays and vacations where people can plan somewhere to the forests, nature and river. Dandeli resort offers you everything that you are willing for. This place is located in the northern district of Karnataka. Throughout the year, it welcomes many tourists who are coming here to cherish their life.


The most important tourist destination here is Bison River. It is the river that flows through the northern city and it offers a great scenic view to the tourists as well. There are many other tourist destinations too which are located in the district. Reaching here is also very easy through road transport, if you are coming from Bangalore or any other city from Karnataka, then buses and booking taxis and cabs are available that will take you to the location. Also, you may book it from your side from any city and can come here easily. The best time to visit the place is in summers when you can actually enjoy the weather and the surroundings. 


There are many landscapes that you may discover. There is an advantage that even if you have a half day time or a full day, you will cover maximum distance in Bison River Dandeli Resort and can visit many places too. Start from Bison River and you will be able to catch fun and adventure from here only. You will have to pass Jungle Safari, River Rafting and Supa Dam. The best part of going for this walking tour in Dandeli Resorts is that even if you are alone, you will be able to spend much quality time in exploring new places. You can take your photos and enjoy food too. There are many delicacies available here according to your preference. If you are willing to try French or Italian too, you will surely get the same. There are many places where you can hangout or if you are not comfortable, then you can call it at the place where you are staying.


The weather of the resort is something that you need to believe as it is fine and moderate at all times. You can come here in any month and you will find the same condition. However during rainy season, coming here could be a bit dangerous but you may talk to the hotel or resort staff here who will help you in getting right information for the same.  Just ask for the pass and route through local people and you will easily reach to wherever you want to go. Also, if you get tired, you can ask for the lift from the passerby vehicles to the nearest place. Most of the places offer entrance fee but your money in hiring cab or tourist guide will save so you can utilise in other areas. It could be one experience that you must enjoy to have a memory for your lifetime.